How It Works and About Us

Mail filled with free products sent directly to your door without the customary steep monthly fees? Yes! You can receive amazing products at absolutely no product cost, with comparable products found in subscription boxes costing $20, $30, even $50 a month! And you won't pay a single cent for any of the actual products! Just a nominal small fee to cover the cost of shipping and handling! This revolutionary service will provide you with free health, beauty, and fashion products without any of the normal costs! But how you ask?

Simple...unicorn magic. We have found magically unicorns in the faraway land of Freestuffforyou. In this, wondrously dreamy land unicorns work day and night finding products to put in the mail for neighboring elves. Good news for you is that we happen to have a secret rainbow giggle relationship with the unicorns of Freestuffforyou and have worked out the following deal:

You are not required to sign up for any monthly subscription service. You can buy whenever you want and even old crates if they are still in stock.

Every crate will include 3 to 5 items with the value between $25 to $75 MSRP (ship cost included)

The magical unicorns will place up to 50 mystery items in up to 50 random crates.

You will only pay a small shipping and handling fee at a discounted rate.

Once a mailer is sold out, we will work with our unicorn buddies to put together the next one.

One promise we are making and the unicorns agree shipping will eventually be almost if not all free. As we grow the unicorns will find better and bigger deals which will allow us to pass that savings directly to you, not to our ogre accountants.
Our goal is to be at $1.99 shipping and handling cost by end of Summer.

And remember 15% off all profits from the website goes to our charity of the month!

About us

So we get asked a lot about what Crate Finds is. Is it a cheap mailer trying to nickel and dime profit? Is it a low-end wannabe Birch Box? What is it?

To those questions we reply, it's a community. The mailer is simply a conversational piece for all of us to share and help break the ice to find new friends and supporters.

Is the mailer cheap? Sure, and thank God. That allows it to be accessible to way more people. People who don't have $100 a month to spend on multiple sub boxes. It's cheap so we can all come together and talk about our individual true beauty and in the future, this cheap mailer will be even cheaper and allow more people to afford it.

Our goal is not to make money and I know that maybe be shocking to some. If we wanted to make a buttload of money we'd make a high end mailed, stuff it with the same old jazz, drop some phat loads of cash and shove it down everyone's throats via paid celeb posts and paid endorsement ads.

The goal here is to create a space where all forms of beauty can collide and find ways to support and raise up each other and at the same time raising money for local charities

So really, Crate Finds is what our community makes it and so far it's pretty damn amazing and beautiful, just like every single one of you that supports this journey.

With love,